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Brighton Ballet Theater Companys success climbed to a new level once Edouard Kouchanarev came on board as a visionary choreographer in 1995. With his direction and creative energy, BBT Company has realized its dream of being a presenter of groundbreaking new choreography of emerging dance in the United States. He combines modern and character dance together with classical ballet techniques to create a fusionary euphoric dance onstage. Kouchanarevs new ideas have inspired countless dancers to push their creative limits.

Kouchanarev's original repertoire includes "The Giant Turnip," also known as "The Radish", and "Ugly Duckling" have created a unique viewing experience for BBT Company's audience. Children dance onstage with professional ballet dancers to create an extraordinary extravaganza of Broadway proportions. When watching a Brighton Ballet Theater Company Kouchanarev choreographed piece, the seamless nature of the dance styles captivates the audience through stylized movement; dancers serve as actors to convey major themes involving nature, the battle between good and evil and the whole range of human relationships and naked emotions. 

Kouchanarevs choreography aims to present exciting unique ballets designed for families with young children. As a bonus, children watching in the audience get to see their peers perform. Everyone gets to experience a seamless riot of color, dance, music and professionally designed hand-tailored costumes.

With over 15 new ballets and 300 pieces over the past 15 years, Kouchanarev's choreography for Brighton Ballet Theater Company is provocative and a thoroughly enjoyable visual experience.






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